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Indoor booth displays

The next show I do will be indoor and I don’t have any dividing walls
or a system of lights. I’m looking for something light weight,
probably fireproof, and easy to assemble. I don’t need to hang
anything on the walls. Do any of you have something you’d recommend?
I’ve been looking at different websites and just can’t decide what
will be best. Annette

I have tried several things, from heavy interlocking steel panels
covered with fabric to pcv pipe and curtains, but the best thing has
been my EZup canopy. I take the center pole out and just use the
basic 10x10 frame. You can hang curtains on the sides, but the best
thing about it is the fact that I have something from which to hang
lights (150 halogen watt with a silver rim reflector) without them
getting in the way. Over the front I hang a white valence to disguise
the metal frame - some people put a banner with their name over the
front. Once you have your jewelry display set-up, you don’t really
notice the fact that you have an EZup canopy.

Actually, the one I use for inside shows is a KD canopy because it
has better feet - I can’t use it outside because the wind blows my top
off, especially during rain storms.


I’m not sure this is the same thread but someone asked about inside
display cases a little while back. I have two such cases that I would
like to sell. I have used these cases for both inside and outside
shows. The cases were sold by Rio Grande some time ago. They have
builin lighting and come in three carrying/shipping cases each which
when stacked make a nice table. The original cost for the display
cases and lighting was around $1000.00 each. I am asking $400.00 each.
The display cases can be seen at Also, the EZup is also for

George Hebner

Carol- Could you explain KD canopy, where to find, cost, etc.?We’re
getting ready to do our first show. Already know about the EZ UP.
Thanks a million!- Katy, Office Manager, Quest Jewelry, Inc.

Before you buy a KD check into the Light Dome canopies. I really
like mine and it is much cleaner looking as it doesn’t have all of
the criss-cross bars in the center. The center is completely open.
It’s very easy to put up. - Deb

Go to It is similar to the EZ up except that
the sides on the top are longer and can catch in the wind and
blow off. The feet are wider which is good for inside shows.
Also, for outside shows you can get top made out of vinyl that’s
waterproof. We have one but don’t use it because I like more
light showing on my jewelry. We got ours several years ago so
maybe they made improvements.


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