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Indium and solder co

Hi, all

Here, finally is the name of the solder co. that sells indium
and cadmium free: Khron Technical Products 303 Veterans Blvd
Carlstadt, N.J. 07072 1-800-526-6299

Here are some quotes from the Hazard Substance Fact Sheet that
Khron products sent to me:

Indium can affect you when breathed in. Exposure may damage the
kidneys and lsiver. Indium can irritate the lungs and may cause
permanent damage. High levels may cause a build up of fluid in
the lungs (pulmonary edema_). This can cause death. Contact can
irritate the skin and eyes.

Indium is on the Workplace Hazardous Substance list because it
is cited by ACGIH. The recommended airbourn exposure limit is
0.1 mg/m3 averaged over an 8 hour workshift.

Exposure to hazardous subastances should be routinely evaluated.
This may include collecting personal and area ir samples. You
can obtain copies of sampling results from your employer. You
have a ligael right to this info under OSHA 1910.20.

(Much of the rest of the document doesn’t apply to us as
jewelers, however:)

Conditions which increase risk of exposure include dust
releasing operations, other physical and mechanical processes
(heating, pouring, spraying, spills and evaporation form large
containers… .


Anyway, Khron manufacturers indium and cadmium free solders.
Tell them Allan sent ya!

Allan Freilich