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Indianapolis Pearl Stringing


Is there anyone around Indianapolis who does pearl stringing?



Yes! We are in Kokomo, about 45 min N of Indy. My wife has been
stringing for about 30 years. We used to string repairs for about 200
stores around the country. Twenty five years ago, we would have
stringing ‘bees’ in our home with up to 5-6 women friends all
gathered around the kitchen table stringing up Christmas inventory
for a chain company.Nowadays we just run our store, but she said she
might be interested in taking on some trade work. I don’t know that
we want that kind of load anymore, but let me know what you have in

Ed in Kokomo.


I am in the Dayton/Cincy area and do Pearl stringing. Hope I can be
of help.

Is there anyone around Indianapolis who does pearl stringing? 

I assume you’re talking knotting. I’m in New Albany, straight down
I-65. How close to Indy do you need and how much stringing are you
looking for? One of my clients is just going out of business right
now (retiring).



Thanks Eddie and Diane but this is a one shot deal. I have a student
who travels a great deal and brought back pearls from this trip. I
asked her if she wanted to learn to knot but she said it was for her
sister and she didn’t want to practice on hers. I understand the
principal but am pretty bad as well as slow so I don’t want to do it
for her.