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Indian jewelry - Attigai


This is again a traditional jewellery that has rubies on it. This is
like a choker and worn very close to the neck. It might also contain
redstones, rubies, diamonds and green stones. Mostly this is worn by
ladies who fall in the age group between 30 and above. The sheer
simplicity of it adds beauty. Teamed with matching earrings it adds a
class to the wearer. Sometimes the bride also wears it, since this
starts from the neck. The other necklaces and maalais follow these.
There are plain diamond attigais too. Just a single ornament with
matching earrings and bangles worn with a lovely silk saree makes
the wearer stand out.


Thank you, Kavithra. I very much enjoy your about
traditional Indian jewelry. I studied Bharata Natyam years ago, and
became smitten by the beautiful jewelry my teacher would bring to
class to expose us Americans to the real thing. (PS - it was one of
the hardest dance disciplines I ever tried, second only to Flamenco
in the need to engage the mind as well as the body.)