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India & Thailand gem purchasing trip

Hello Everyone,

I am currently writing from New Delhi India, the first stop on an
asian gem purchasing trip. My itinerary includes stops in Jaipur and
Surat and then off to Thailand in Bangkok and Chanthaburi. I have
done some research on gem lapidaries and merchants, but would
appreciate any additional that this valuable community
can offer. I have purchased gemstones in India before, but am always
looking for new suppliers.

Please point me in the right direction…

Many Thanks,
Nicola D.

I’ve bought happily from a company in Chanthaburi, Thailand called
Grand Gemstones. They have some nice D Block tanzanite among other
things. Their address is:

Osecommerce Co.,Ltd.
149/35 M.7 Trirat 12
Muang Chanthaburi
Thailand 22000

Their website address is:

I’ve also bought from Multicolour Gems in Bangkok, Thailand. Their
address is:

Multicolour Gems

59 Soi Pradit

Silom Soi 20
Bangkok, 10500
Kingdom of Thailand

Their website address is:

Both companies have inventories of gems for all budgets ranging from
a few dollars to several thousands of dollars. Their customer service
has always been second to none and they are very friendly, polite
people to deal with.

Helen Hill

i highly recommend:

Unit A 30th Floor Jewelry Trade Center (JTC Building)
Silom Road, Bangrak Bangkok, Thailand
Tel.: (66 2) 630 1020-3, 630 2035-6
Fax: (66 2) 630 1019

run by a lady named chanida; totally honest and reliable.

my only connection is as a satisfied buyer

best wishes,

If you’re going to be in Thailand for more than a few days I highly
recommend a trip to Mae Sot on the Burma border, there are some very
interesting stones for sale on the street and in the small indoor gem
markets, not as much selection and some synthetics of course but much
less fakery and deceptiveness in general than Chanthaburi, at least
in my experience. I know there are honest dealers in Chanthaburi, but
as a student of a very respected gem school in Bangkok I was told by
more than one person not to but anything there until I had been there
every weekend for at least 2 months. After all, Chanthaburi is the
place where nearly all modern gem treatments were invented, and they
don’t advertise when they find a new one.

My favorite place to buy stones in Thailand is the Bangkok Gem and
Jewelry Expo, twice a year in September and February, there you have
over a thousand vendors under one roof, with all the amenities,
security, etc. Bangkok can be ok for buying stones, if you know what
you’re doing. However you must be prepared for tough negotiations
while keeping a smile and a friendly vibe, if you get flustered or
nervous the price will go up and you will lose face. If you drop a
stone, don’t get upset, just say oh, sorry, and pick it up. When you
walk into a dealers office you’re on their turf, and they can make
you feel as if you have to buy something or you’re wasting their
precious time. Even the way you use your tweezers can change the
price. Keep your poker face on when you see something you like and
very casually ask the price. If you really want it, don’t react, wait
a while and move on to something else before coming back to the thing
you really want, then offer half or two thirds of the the price you
think it’s really worth. The dealer will counter offer, and
eventually, hopefully, you will get it for the price that you think
is fair.

Sometimes the initial price is already a fair price, not often in
Bangkok, but sometimes. If it seems like a good deal, ask if that’s
the best price. I like SWD gems on Silom road across from the jewelry
trade center, they often have very fair starting prices. Most
importantly, keep smiling, Thai people value politeness and “saving
face” above all. Thailand is a wonderful place to buy stones (if you
know what you’re doing) and a great place to get seriously ripped off
if you don’t. Maybe you know all this stuff already, if so maybe
someone will find this useful. I could write about buying stones in
TH all night but I’m getting long-winded so I’ll leave it at that. If
you want more info I’ll try to think of some other dealers I know in

Happy travels,