Incorporating on one's own

Any words of advice on incorporating on your own vs. with a lawyer?


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I did it on my own. Unless you’ve got some tricky circumstances it’s
pretty straight forward. You can check out which is a
publisher that specializes in legal self help books. I just went to my
state’s (Oregon) internet site and found the forms I needed, filled
them out, filed, paid my fee and that was that. I had asked around
for other’s opinions and several people said they’d gone to lawyers
and mainly they just filled out the same forms - so like I said unless
there are special considerations, numerous partners or something - it
should be pretty simple.


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Take a look at establishing an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).
Much cheaper and easier to do. Much less paperwork. Also offers the
corporate “shield”. You also don’t need a lawyer.

Bob Palm Desert

I just completed my S-Corp. in early January… mostly on my own. You
can download the forms you need via the US Govt. website to obtain
your tax ID numbers, both state and local.

You need to file/apply with your secretary of state…
reserve/register a business name as well.

It is fairly uncomplicated, just time consuming to change your
accounts and paperwork to all INC.

Separate for ALL personal too.

If you’re going to have “shareholders” other than yourself or have
employees as partners I strongly suggest you use an attorney.
Otherwise, you will be fine doing it yourself as long as you are
completely honest with all of the that you submit. And
it’s not very expensive to do on your own either : )

Congratulations !
Margie Mersky