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Incorporating leather with metal jewelry pieces


Can someone give me some resources of metal artists who include
leather in their pieces, please? I don’t mean leather strips, but
pieces of flat leather/suede. I am riveting a square of suede on the
underneath of a nickel cuff that has brass riveted to the top. Since
I had to purchase a large piece, I want to look for ways to include
this in other works. I have doen a brief google search but not fully
investigated. So if you can save me time by pointing out some
creative artists that you know of, I would appreciate it.



Brenda, in the latest issue (Sept./Oct. 2013) of Lapidary Journal
Jewelry Artist
, on p. 20ff.,is a project by Pam Levin for making a
leather, silver, and stone bracelet, including rivets. The following
article, by Sharon Elaine Thompson, is entitled, “Leather, Paper or
Plastic?” and features some leatherwork by Andrea Janosik.

Do you have access to a library which subscribes to these artisan
journals? or at least a large bookstore, so you can browse through
their latest issues?

All the best,
Judy Bjorkman