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Inconsistent Silver Polishing

Hey Guys,

I work primarily in Sterling silver and pretty much just starting
out with my own product line. One basic problem i’ve had is whenever
i polish my rings, depending on the pre-polish or rouge that i use i
get different results so i just had a few basic q’s about polishing.
I’m sure those of you who had proper training were taught this stuff
early on.

  1. Can i simply use a pre-polish compound like white diamond for the
    final polish?

  2. Will certain types of polishes tend to oxide faster when SS is
    worn on the hand? Meaning will they react more to hand ‘sweat’ or
    whatever causes oxidation?

  3. Is there any basic formula or protocal thats used when polishing
    down SS?

Appreciate this wonderful community and all the help you guys have
given in the past

I can’t speak to the use of White Diamond because I have never used
it. I can tell you how I polish silver that has worked for me for

After the final pickle and filing is done I start with a blue 3M
stacked 3" plastic brushes on a polishing lathe. I then inspect for
any defects. I then go to bobbing compound on a 3" bristle brush.
Then finish it off with Zam on a chamois wheel. I go back and forth
between the bobbing compound and Zam to get rid of all the firescale.
I suppose a purist would wash the piece between the bobbing compound
and Zam but I have not had any problems with my method.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado