In search of screwbacks

I was wondering, if anyone had a suggestion for where I might find a
particular style of screwback earring findings in sterling silver?
I’ve seen the particular style I want in gold, but not silver. What
I’ve been looking for is a screwback with pearl cup and a ring for
attaching a dangle.

These are the ones that Stuller has that I like, but they only seem
to carry them in gold:

Anyway, I’m really partial to the screwbacks, only because of
feedback from the women in my life that can’t really cope with
pierced ears, they find the standard clips not very comfortable, and
they like the ease of adjusting the screws to fit. I’ve seen the
silver ball ones, of course, and those are OK, but the design I was
adapting would look better with a pearl than a silver ball.


Try H and W Perrin Company in Toronto Ontario Canada. 1-416-422-4600.
They also have an 800 number. I think it is 1-800-387-5117.

Take care, Paul.

Good Day

You can get these screw backs in ss at rio grande or tripps.


I wanted to thank people for their suggestions on and off the list.
I did manage to finally find more or less what I am looking for.

So if there was anyone else on the list that was having this issue,
there it is!