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In search for Tosca Teran / Olive Kraus

Hello everybody, I am desperately searching for Tosca Teran who had a
gallery named (metal) in Taos, NM at the end of 2000. (metal) already
was closed in december 2000 but she still keeps some pieces of
jewelry that I sent her on consignment for her gallery. Maybe
somebody of the huge orchid community knows her or has an idea where
I could reach her? Last thing I know is that she moved to Toronto,
Canada a while ago.

Olive Kraus was the other owner of (metal). Since I only had contact
with Tosca, I never had a e-mail address or something of Olive. But
maybe somebody here knows her?

It would be great if you could help me in finally getting back my

Sabine Amtsberg, Germany