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In need of a caster

To anyone out there, I am in need of a caster who does sterling
silver. I have two originals sitting in a little box, ready to be
cast, and a ring I’d like to make more of (already have mold cut, can
send that or waxes). The company I was talking with before has
stopped replying to my e-mails (it has been over a month since I last
got an e-mail from them, and I have sent several since then with no
reply at all), and I don’t know why, so if anyone out there can point
me towards a caster that’s good with small-volume production, and
preferredly one who can finish pieces (not return them as raw
castings) I’d really appreciate it. These items need to be ready for
sale and in my hands by January, so I need the originals back so I
can do molds in time for me to send the waxes or molds back again.

Ideally I’d also like someone who can do some kind of oxidizing
finish, like liver of sulphur. I think all the designs I’d like to do
for this time around would really benefit from black in the recessed
areas and a nice polish (doesn’t have to be ULTRA shiny, just clean)
on the higher parts.

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–M. Osedo

Oh! Try Dan Grandi of Racecar Jewelry for sure! He’s exceptionally
able, if the work of his that I’ve seen is representative. And
extremely nice and easy to talk to.

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I’ll 2nd the recommendation of Racecar Jewelry. I only recently
started using them, but I wish I had switched long ago.


For a caster that is willing and able to provide the services you are
looking for, small scale, finish work, and oxidizing. I recommend
Kick 'n Cast in Sedona Arizona. Owned and run by Susan Herman, and
her husband, Paul. 520/204-2204. They really go the extra mile to
work with customers and return quality castings.

Kelly Indigo Flameworks

Larry Paul in Philadelphia has done some amazing work for me over
the years. They’re at 215-928-1644.

Janet Kofoed