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In Memory: Peter Collins

With deep sadness, I relay this message received today from John

Peter passed away at 9.00 am today. He did not regain
consciousness after his three heart attacks on Monday.

His death is a great loss to the faceting world as well as his
family and friends. I have assured his widow, Heather, that I
will continue with our book project. Unfortunately this may be
delayed somewhat until I gather together Peter’s records, etc.

I will keep in touch. Please pass on the news to other facetors
in the USA and the WWW.


John Broadfoot
My University address is still

Words, as always in the face of death, are inadequate.
Co-Founder of the Australian Factors’ Guild in 1981, and editor
of its magazine, Facet Talk for 12 years, Peter Collins leaves a
legacy of knowledge, friendship and enthusiasm.

Deepest condolences to his wife Heather, and to all his family
and friends.

His memory will always be for a blessing.
Carol Bova