In Memoriam - Barbara Hart

Sadly, my partner of 30 years, Barbara Hart, passed on Dec. 17th. She
was the buyer and merchandised the front of my jewelry store. Barbara
was passionate about buying jewelry, minerals, stone
carvings, and specimens and making beautiful displays in the jewelry
cases. Barbara had non Hodgkin lymphoma and a chemo drug resulted in
something called Bleolung, scarring of the lungs. This chemo saved
her life, and it usually extends life for 10 years. I took
exceptionally good care of her, and the lung Dr. was surprised that
she made it for 20 years. During Christmas, the jewelry that she
loved and that brought joy toher was bought by people for those they
love to bring joy to those that received the beautiful gifts.
Barbara passed surrounded by a lot of her family, and I was by her
side. It was a conscious passing, she was being loved by those around
her, and she was loving us back. Barbara was brave, courageous, and
she was not a victim of her condition. Barbara had worked for many
years to overcome many health obstacles, and she had made a very
strong connection with God. While her physical body got weaker, her
spirit remained strong, she never complained or pitied herself. The
creativity of her spirit surrounds me everyday in my store and inmy

Richard Hart G. G.
Denver, Co.

From Hanuman [The Ganoksin Project]

I am sorry for your loss Richard, Please accept my very warm
condolences. Hanuman

From Rick Copeland

Richard, The many times I talked with Barb I was always impressed
with her positive energy which defied her condition. I’m very sorry
to hear about her way too soon passing
Rick Copeland
Rocky Mountain Wonders

From Atwater Mary

I’m so sorry Barbara is no longer with you but grateful that her
spirit remained strong. Her spirit will always be with you.
Blessings, MA

From Bobbie Horn

What a wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing with us

From John Rasmussen

Richard, No words can ease your grief. My best to you and yours as
you adapt to the changed future.


From Veva Bailey

Richard, Please accept my condolences on the passing of your wife
and partner, Barbara. You have eulogized Barbara, beautifully.
Sincerely, Veva Bailey

From Elaine Luther

What a lovely story of a conscious passing. So sorry to hear of her

Thanks for letting us know Richard,

From Jamie King

Richard, I’m very sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful
person. And you’re a wonderful person too for the care and love that
you provided to her. Blessings,

Jamie King

From Charles Anderson

Sorry to hear that Richard, I have no words of comfort, apart from
we’re here for you. CIA

From Tom Arnold

Richard, I’m so terribly, terribly sorry! Tom

From Audrey Morgan

sorry to hear it, Richard.
such a lovely tribute.
…don’t know what to say. …
all the best.

From Mark Parkinson

Dear Richard, I am so very sad to hear of your loss. Barbara sounds
like a beautiful person who endured more than her share of pain and
difficulty with dignity. I too believe she will continue to be with
you. In deepest sympathy, Mark Parkinson

From Danuta Cieslukowska

Richard, I am very sorry about your loss. My heart and prayers go out
to you and your Family. Danuta Cieslukowska

From Pat

Dear Richard, my prayers are with you, Barbara is a wonderful
person, and she will always be a part of who you are. She is on a
journey and you will join again. How blessed to have a wonderful
marriage, too bad not enough of the world experiences it. lessings

From Francesca Anatra

Richard, So sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you
and your family. Francesca Anatra

From all of us at Stuller we are sorry for your lost.

Richard, what a beautiful tribute to your dear Barbara. I know this
is a difficult time for you, but we all send you our condolences our
love and our best wishes. Your Barbara will always be with you in
spirit. Alma

Dear Richard - I’m so sorry for your loss. You, also, are a brave
soul - - may your faith, love, and memories bring you comfort. Best
Wishes to you and your family. - - Nan

I am sad for your loss, Richard. Stay Strong.


Dear Richard,

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your dear Barbara. I
hope that the pain in your heart eases with time. It is good that
you have beautiful memories!

Cynthia Eid


My sincerest condolences of your loss of Barbara. May her soul now
rest with G-d.



So sorry to hear of your loss; hoping your grief is softened by
happy memories.

Mary Byrley

Richard, I can not imagine your lost. My heart goes out to you. What
a lovely tribute you gave to Barbara.

There is a reason for every thing and your sharing your love for your
wife and friend has touched us all. It made me take a few more
moments out of my busy days to tell my wife how much she means to me.
Thanks for sharing, Iwill try more to focus on what love I have in my
life now and not to forget that it can go away quickly, I now give
her a big Kiss every time I leavethe house as if it might be my
last. Thanks.

Hello Richard, I have often thought of you and Barbara and it is with
sadness that I realized she had passed. You have been blessed with a
courageous partner and the many good memories you share.

My deep sympathies, Judy in Kansas

Richard, I am so very sorry for your loss. What a blessing for you all that she had a conscious passing. May your memories be a great fomfort to you and your loved ones.

I am so sorry for your loss. What a blessing it must have been for yo to have loved and been loved by such a strong and brave woman.