In Education, When do You stop, - You don't

Dear Verna and others. I am writing ,not to stir up any more of the
ART / CRAFT - Hate and Discontent discussion. Like others , I believe
there must be a balance.

I would like to go to school further and in particular , in Art. I
want to learn more of the perception and manipulation of symbols .

Like others , the economy has me still looking for work . I currently
have too much time on my hands , waiting for the other shoe to fall.

I will continue at a small local college because I will not be able
to continue elsewhere due to money and age considerations. I am 57
years and have 200 + hrs under graduate credit.

I recently attended TIJT at Paris TX. 5 Semesters for 70 + hrs.
leading to Graduate of Jewelry Technology Ass. Degree and Graduate of
Gemological Science .

There are other schools and resources out there. Alan Revere and
Robert Wooding are just a few who offer great video tapes.

Below is a great on line resource. First Class.

Consider becoming a Certified Bench Technician . Also , becoming a
Graduate Gemologist or a Graduate of Gemological Science. This will
add two more semesters to your schooling.

I admire your efforts and opportunities so far, I wish you all the
best. And in the meanwhile, we can share in this online community.

Please share your insights with us.

Reinvigorated Old Baby Boomer