Improving Jewelry Digital Photography Tip


Digital photography has its good and bad sides. One differentiation
of using digital images to represent your art work is that you can
adjust the ISO setting to suit the light ambient for each image

This is a blessing and a curse at the same time. While increasing
the ISO setting would allow you to obtain higher shutter speed you
will end up with grainier image.

The CCD or CMOS in the camera [the film in the digital world] is
very susceptible to digital noise. Especially is your CCD is of
smaller size.

Digital noise is not something that can be easily touched up with

I would like to highly recommend new software that offers noise
elimination from digital images. It comes with pre set noise
elimination algorithms for many cameras brands and does pretty
amazing job. Freeware version is available. There is still no MAC
version available.

Check out NEATIMAGE available from

Happy holidays