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Improve lighting for jewelry display cases

I would like to improve lighting for my jewelry display cases. Does
anyone know where you can get small well designed halogen lightsi
Thanks in advance for your help.

Marilynn Niicholson

Try light-bulb warehouse. They have everything lightbulb.


i far more recommend small led lights.they don’t burn hot, they
never burn out ( the batteries that run them do), they can be mounted
on the roof of wooden displays downlighting your work…and they are
similar to natural daylight, or fuller spectrum light than halogen
bulbs…try sciplus first…(it may not be in their regular catalogue
but in their lab ware section.just know they had about ten of em
individually placeable about 8 - 10 inches apart and wired in series
to a very small CMOS battery.). There are also small led’s on
goosenecks for about 1 or 2 dollars if repositioning is something you
consider a valuable feature…some clip on with a bulldog style clamp,
and some stick on with rather poor adhesive (nothing industrial
strengtht velcro- the thick grey stuff- won’t cure…cut to fit the
circular bottom and you’re done!). Hope you’ll reconsider halogen
because of the heat output and potentially enclosed condition-
outdoors it could condense rater quickly with humidity and cause some
interesting and surprising results…R.E.Rourke…

There are also small led's on goosenecks for about 1 or 2 dollars
if repositioning is something you consider a valuable
feature..some clip on with a bulldog style clamp, 

I bought a few of these, thinking they’d be a good way to "fill"
dark spots in my cases. They were way too blue-- completely
useless. There may be ones that are a better color, but now I have a
bunch of useless little lights, so be cautious about mail ordering
lights sight unseen!


the “small ones” i was speaking of have 3 led’s per head and are
about 1-2 bucks and emit bright white light…but most products are
returnable. Dremel makes a single one on a gooseneck 15 dollars-
quite blue and quite useless unless you are in total darkness…I
think the 3led type came from a company called “all electronics” rer

I purchased some tiny gooseneck LED lights from Canadian Tire. They
are absolutely perfect. They sit without having to be clipped onto
something and you can move them to shine anywhere you like. I have
about 20 of them now. They run on batteries so you don’t have to
worry about power and they cost 4.99.