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Orchid Notice:
{ Y. A. K. }
Please contact the author off list at @Ettagale

Dear folks,

I have been reading the postings for a few months and find them
absolutely fascinating. This service is a truly wonderful
opportunity for jewelers at every level to share and ask questions
and receive honest answers that are always on the mark. I compliment
all of you, most especially your gracious host, for making this

I would like to suggest one thing – because I am a writer, and not a
jeweler, words are my tools. All of you have to write letters, fill
out applications and compose these postings. I know that e-mail is a
quick response medium and you hit that “send” button as soon as the
thoughts are expressed. BUT – take the time to use your spell
checkers. You’ll make yourself look more professional and that will
certainly stand you in good stead in your careers. You wouldn’t send
out a piece of jewelry before it was polished and ready to be seen.
Everything you do reflects on you.