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[Improve content] When posting workshops

Thank you to everyone who posts upcoming workshops. I am always on
the look out for ways to improve and add new skills. That said, it
would be REALLY helpful if you included the physical location of the
workshop in the post! I don’t always know where they are, and
digging for area code locations is a bit of a pain. If you would even
just indicate the country and state or whatever that would be a big

I realize YOU know where you are. But a lot of the rest of us don’t!

Thanks in advance.

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


I agree wholeheartedly that poster’s should consider including the
location of their classes, etc. when posting to the forum.

I frequently list my classes and intensives on another site/forum I
belong to, on community boards around this town, and am most often
asked to list the costs as well (though I have found to be true when
one lists “sliding scale” everyone is then impoverished!) So that
would be anther item to consider listing.

Also listing a general vicinity, like “Southeast” is often too vague
and generates a lot of direct emails that take time to answer
individually as most often they are accompanied by other questions
and I personally, rather connect with each potential student than to
simply re-post the info on x forum.

Another item to consider regarding class listings etc., is the
duration of classes each day if the class, etc. is more than one day
in length. For example, I do “open studio” nights once a month and
the “open” part begins after I shut down regular work and desire a
break of some sort- I have had people show up at 3pm when I posted
"open Studio Night" on a community board! I should have said, and it
was my mistake- 6pm-10pm. The point is, to all reading this: be as
clear and concise in giving as is possible without
listing the entire plan…