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[Improve Content] Paragraph breaks

A Request from the Visually Impaired

My eyes have two different focal lengths. This was caused by a
chronic condition call Iritis which has caused a cataract and
glaucoma and scarring of my pupil and other eye stuff plus a lot of
what they call “floaters” inside my eyes.

Anyway, I have learned to compensate for this malady and have a 27"
widescreen monitor with a font so big my neighbors could read over
my shoulder. The problem is when people write emails that are one or
two pages of with no paragraph breaks it becomes
difficult to read as my eyes are battling to focus on different

I end up deleting some really good because it is too
arduous to read. I’m not picking on anyone’s writing ability but when
your typing a long response, take a breath and hit enter every now
and then.

It will be much appreciated.

Rick Copeland

I concur with what Rick says. I also struggle to read a page-long
response that has no paragraph breaks. If your eyes lose their place
in the text, it’s very difficult to find it again. If you have
paragraph breaks, the job of keeping tabs on where you were becomes
much simpler.

I usually just delete long, unstructured and often unpunctuated
responses as my eyes just hurt!


Here, here, Rick!

I don’t have any vision difficulties, but I also delete these posts
with out reading the majority of the info; simply because it is too
difficult to follow the thought process of the writer when there are
few (or no) paragraph breaks, no capitalization at sentence starts
and shoddy.punctuation.

Thank you for bringing this to the groups attention!


Y’all always have so much wisdom to share, I can’t seem to delete
anything even if it is impossible to read. My solution is to simply
hit the reply button and add my own paragraph breaks, read your
words, then toss the post.


Yes, I find myself wanting to skip long paragraph-challenged posts.

My sight isn’t what it used to be either, so I can imagine the
difficulties for others.

Especially when proper paragraphing could help with skim-reading and
other fast ways to read.