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[Improve Content] General request


I’d like to ask that when folks make a “do” or “don’t” statement on
this forum, you say why. I’m sure I am not alone in this-- we are
all, to one degree or another, independant and self-determined, and
hence not too inclined to do or not do just cuz somebody says so.
Besides, it’s always better (IMO) to know the reasoning. So if you
say, “Kruggerrands don’t alloy well”, “Don’t test gas lines with
soapy water”, or “Re-wet old flasks before casting”, please try to
take a moment to give your reasoning. Otherwise, somebody has to
write and ask, then sixteen people answer… Much more efficient to
just include it, OK? Thanks,



Noel, I totally agree with your suggestion that people back up their
contentions with evidence, but I also might suggest that it might be
absolutely esssential that there be a concerted editorial effort to
"mix it up". Let’s keep this forum lively, with open argument and
uninhibited exchange of opinion and ideas. This medium will die if it
is not entertaining ! Entertainment always suggests novel opinion
and, indeed, sometimes totatlly wacko ideas.Indeed, creativity almost
always suggests deviation. The end consideration is that, rather than
rehashing such dull and mundane considerations as how to save money
on buffing wheels,we consider the use of carborundum ( aka.
moissanite ) as a gemstone !

Later, Ron MIlls, Mills Gem Co, Los Osos, Ca


Seems like a good place for me to put something I’ve had in mind
about how wonderful Orchid really is. There’s (yet another) thread
about “tools we’d like to see”, and one is a wire-tapering device for
pinstems or drawplate. Now, I have no problem just picking up a file,
but the wealth of techniques that came forward was pretty incredible.
The power of the web, and Orchid in particular, brought to light. The
world at your fingertips…