Imprinted design in Rolling Mills

I have seen these machines on fishermans wharf in San Francisco.They
are basically rolling machines with the roller imprinted with a
design.I was curious as to how to get my own pattern etched on a
roller that would fit in my rolling mill.Anyone have a solution or
source? Thanks J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

You may want to try Henery Evers Co in Providence RI,may not be the
place but is a good starting point I’m sure

One of the other jewelers on the island makes engraved steel dies
that he rolls through the mill to make sections of his jewelry. Having
a whole roller patterned could be expensive, though you might be able
to etch or sandblast the pattern onto the surface if you did not need
incredible detail.

Richard D. Hamilton
A goldsmith on Martha’s Vineyard
Fabricated 14k, 18k, 22k, and platinum Jewelry
wax carving, modelmaking, jewelry photography,

Rick, After reading this on Orchid, I was wondering if you knew a
place that would make these steel engraved dies. It sounds perfect
for my needs. Any info is greatly appreciated. Sharon Bloom