[Important] Launching the Orchid Digest in Color

Dear Orchid Digest Member:

All of us at The Ganoksin Project are excited to announce a major
format upgrade to The Orchid Digest.

Starting today and after more than 4,200 daily issues, the good ole’
Orchid Digest is getting a make-over! We will be sending it daily in
both HTML and plain text. The colorful, new HTML version has
dramatically improved your ease of navigation and reading.

You can also download the latest issue of The Orchid Digest on
Ganoksin.com if, for any reason, you did not receive it via email.

Each Orchid Digest issue will include both the plain text version and
the new, colorful, HTML version. Your email program should display
the most suitable version for you.

To assure delivery - in anticipation of any spam filtering problems,
please make sure to add orchid@ganoksin.com and
orchid-digest@ganoksin.com to your approved contacts, or contact
your ISP to whitelist IP and

We truly hope that you will find the new Orchid Digest format easier
to use and valuable. We always welcome your comments and suggestions
for future improvements - please feel free to email them directly to
my attention at @Service.

For a better Orchid,


Thanks so much for the new and improved digest, it is much easier to
read. No were else do we get so much great for free. I
for one am grateful for the effort and time you put into creating a
wonderful form for us to use.

Roxan O’Brien

Thank you - LOVE IT! Reduced reading time by half! Perfect and

Kelly Tzannes

Fantastic looking remodel. I especially like being able to click on
the subject and jump to the msg and not have to go through the whole
list looking for that special interest message. Thank you for all the
work you do. You’ve done your usual terrific work on the remodel.


WOW…even replying is a single click!!

Congratulations to Hanuman and team, you have turned gold into a

Thank you and regards from Alastair.

I love the new digest!

Nice on the eyes. Nice look for the sponsors. Easy to use. Easy to
jump to each topic. Very well thought out all around.



No where else do we get so much great for free. 

Free, yes, in that we are not charged to use the system BUT just
like public radio, we can and should support this wonderful
community. The Raffle is one way but we can also donate. At the
bottom of the Archives front page it says: Support Orchid! - If you
believe in what we’re doing, you can help! When you click on ‘you can
help’ it takes you to a page where you can make a one time donation
or set up a monthly donation (http://www.ganoksin.com/donate/). When
one first joins the forum, one is asked to make a donation but after
that, there are no ‘pledge drives’, just the Raffle where we have the
chance to win wonderful prizes. Thank you, Hanuman, Ton, Virginia and
everyone else who makes this world-wide community possible. Thank

The colorful, new HTML version has dramatically improved your ease
of navigation and reading. 

I just used the link you gave to look at it. It is indeed a nice job
and should improve life for digest readers. A very good example of
sensible use of HTML techniques. I also want to thank you for not
fancying up (is that a word?) the plain text individual emails.

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ

I love the new format. I sometimes must pass up reading Ganoksin
because I don’t have time to plow through all the very technical
details of topics that are not pertinent to me as a hobbyist
metalworker. To be able to jump from index to topic is wonderful.
Thank you for the updated website.

Jackie Richards

Hi folks,

I’m not able to view the digest in the new format and was wondering
whether it’s because I use a Mac computer. Is anyone else using a Mac
and having the same problems? Alternatively, if anyone has a Mac but
can view the new format, please could you advise me of what settings
I have to change to be able to view it properly. For some reason, I
AM able to view other emails in HTML format, including the very
annoying, numerous spam emails that one gets daily, but I can’t view
the new Orchid format.

I have tried the “Mail”, “Preferences”, “Viewing”, “Display remote
images in HTML messages” thing numerous times, but it doesn’t seem
to work. My husband has also tried typing particular commands into
the “Terminal” (equivalent of old DOS screen), again to no avail. Any
advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

Helen Hill

Hanuman’s response:

Orchid Digest is now distributed in “multipart-alternative” format.
That means the email is embedded with BOTH the plain-text version,
and the HTML version, of the message. Your email client automaticlly
chooses the most suitable version to disply on your system.

How to Turn On or Off HTML Rendering on a MAC OS

Follow these steps to turn on or off HTML rendering, as desired:

  1. Open Mail.
  2. Choose Mail > Preferences.
  3. Click the Viewing icon in the Preferences window.
  4. Select or deselect (as desired) the checkbox for Display images
    and embedded objects in HTML messages".

If you prefer to display plain-text part instead of the more
"stylish" HTML or Rich-Text parts. While this cannot be configured
via the GUI, it can be from the command line.

Turn on:

defaults write com.apple.mail PreferPlainText -bool TRUE

Turn off:

defaults delete com.apple.mail PreferPlainText

Mail.app should be closed while you do this.

Bravo! I especially love the reply to sender/reply to group option.
And then having the subject already in the reply form is a great
addition. Makes it much easier to reply. My only small nitpick is
that I don’t care for the italics in the intro list of subjects for
the day. Thanks for all the great work!


Hey All,

well, I’m with everyone else concerning the new digest format.

I have to confess that the one thing I Really appreciate is that it
still works with my rather outdated Palm Pilot.

I can still convert the text to M’soft Word format that transfers
easily to my Palm Pilot which I read at my leisure during work
breaks or in the carpool when I’m not driving.

Kudos on satisfying everyone!