Import and export procedure

Hi, Could somebody explain the import and export procedures involved
in following.

a. Importing rough and cut gemstones (not diamond) to USA for
re-export and sale.

b. Re-exporting rejected gemstones form USA to the suppliers.

c. re-exporting rough gemstones to other buyers

d. importing gold and silver jewelry studded with gemstones (not
diamond) to USA for sale

e. Re-exporting rejected jewelry from USA.

f. Insurance for the export package/parcel.

I would like to use USPS (registered air mail) for exports.


Hi Nanda, I can’t explain it, but I know who can. The Small Business
Administration has Export Assistance Centers around the country that
exist specifically to help small businesses export. They’ll help you
figure out not only U.S. regs, but also those of the country you’re
exporting to, as well as issues such as security, credit, etc. The
one in Rhode Island is at Bryant College in Smithfield; they’ve
worked extensively with the jewelry industry in this area, so you
may wish to try them first, or you may wish to start with the Export
Assistance Center in your area. To find an Export Assistance Center,
and more info for folks new to exporting/importing, follow this

Good luck!
Suzanne Wade
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