IMG_9568.jpg Learning to use your graver

This is one of the toughest levels of Diamond Setting anyone can master.
If anyone says that they can learn this in ONE weekend of practicing, are just fooling themselves!
Sorry to be the bearer of some bad news. I just want to go over some basic facts for you!
To achieve the same level of expertise as I. Here are the techniques you must first learn.

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How do I access your advice on how to learn to use a graver?
I clicked on “read more” and got nothing.

Thanks for your query, I need your response and I’ll fix it once I get back to my bench. Problems like this are not good to read.
I’ll personally reply to your email and figure out what happened…;(:ring::us::canada::israel:

“Gerry, on my iPhone”

Hello Gerry, There is one paragraph on this topic and one picture. Did you finish writing the instructions? I am always interested to learn new things. Thank you.

Caroline M, Mayci, Newfypal and anyone I might have missed. Please read this explanation in my next essay.
I’m now, as I write, working on one long tutorial essay that will have an estimated 115 photographs. I know I’ve been a delinquent in writing back to you, this is due to some ongoing health problems. (No one should have what I’m working with),.Arthritis in BOTH thumbs and being totally unable to walk or climb the stairs… BUT with this, I’m still writing and taking loads of jewellery photos. Regardless of these minor problems, my mind hasn’t stopped working.
In this latest essay, this is on basic metal-cutting in using Onglettes #0 & #1 and with a Flat #40 graver that will be used in the initial steps on Bright-Cutting. There are many repetitive photos but these are so essential & every photo is necessary in explaining the many facts of metal-cutting. This essay will take me at least another two full weeks of writing, then comes the task of editing sentences and grammar, punctuation and adding more photos where necessary…
BTW, I’m getting more silver casting, photo-demo-plates that will be used for MORE essay explanations.This long essay will enable everyone to grasp in greater detail what graver cutting is all about.
Everyone, please understand and be patient with what I’m doing for YOU @ no charge.When this essay is finished, I will let everyone know of its completion.
Fondest regards to you all…Gerry Lewy.

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