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IMG_9568.jpg Learning to use your graver

This is one of the toughest levels of Diamond Setting anyone can master.
If anyone says that they can learn this in ONE weekend of practicing, are just fooling themselves!
Sorry to be the bearer of some bad news. I just want to go over some basic facts for you!
To achieve the same level of expertise as I. Here are the techniques you must first learn.

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How do I access your advice on how to learn to use a graver?
I clicked on “read more” and got nothing.

Thanks for your query, I need your response and I’ll fix it once I get back to my bench. Problems like this are not good to read.
I’ll personally reply to your email and figure out what happened…;(:ring::us::canada::israel:

“Gerry, on my iPhone”

Hello Gerry, There is one paragraph on this topic and one picture. Did you finish writing the instructions? I am always interested to learn new things. Thank you.