Image and Advertizing

Does any one advertising on advertising metalsmithing classes.Any
tips would be appreciated whether on the net or other wise.This
week I am sending out packet’s of class info to high schools.I emai=
people who are on my email list.I am a member of Michigan
Silversmith Guild and the Florida Society of Goldsmiths.I have let
those groups know.Any other ideas would be very much appreciated.=

I own a bead store with my daughter, Danielle.My personal interest
is in all the different metal techniques.I used to travel to
fabolous metal classes as often as I could.I’ve taken the
opprotunity to study with Alan Revere, Steve Midget, Marne
Ryan,John Cogswell to name a few.

Of course I teach. My husband teaches glass and many of my friends
teach a wide variety of things.Because I love learning and cannot
get out as much as I would like, I am beginning to bring teachers
in.I know you can only get beaders to expand their interest in
metal …so fast.I know that part of my problem is image.Seriou=
metal enthusiasts wouldn’t think to look at a “bead store” for
interesting classes for themselves.That is why I am interested in
tips for getting the word out.

In a few weeks Tom Ellis will be here doing enameling.I will settle
down and have fun in class.But. it will be a shame if he does not
have the students he deserves.

Thank you
A long time lurker.

Brighton, Michigan