I'm In A Pickle!

Heather, I understand your concern about pickle in your home I have
4yr old twins. I use the granulated pickle scaled down to fit my
"Walmart special" priced crockpot. If you seal up the dry granules,
even a small amount will last you a very long time. Fumes are at a
minimul and really only a problem when it is hot, so remember to keep
the lid on it. Baking soda is an acid neutralizer so keep some handy.
I always dip my wet pickle-covered pieces in bakingsoda,it will help
with some of your discoloration later down the line. I was concerned
about the use of alum suggested by Karen only because you are making
chains. The alum when heated and used for an extended length of time
{if you need to remove a drill bit keep this in mind} will dissolve
any steel parts used in your clasps.Other types of pickle can also
become contanimated with prolonged exposure to spring rings and
lobster claws because of the moving parts which are
steel. Good luck, Kathy