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I'm getting an Arbor Press

What exactly does an Arbor Press do?

Hello everybody!

So I have a really strange question.

I’m getting a used Arbor Press tomorrow, and I’m super excited. My
mom is going to use it to punch out pieces of silver and copper to
enamel… But what else can the press be used for?

Thank You!

I do a lot of press work, including blanking out all my shapes for
the work I do.

I will be happy to advise you what you can do with the arbour press.
however ill need the following

  1. height between the underside of the ram to the bed.

  2. the depth from the center of the ram to the back ie theframe.

3.what length is the lever on the side.

  1. what size is the hole in the ram.

  2. what is the diameter of the ram

  3. what does it weigh approximately.

  4. overall height

So you see all these things determine what work it can do. Now
blanking out shapes for enamelling needs press tooling. as well as a
stripping arm to clear the sheet off the punch. an arbour press is
not what is usually used for blanking. what is used is a fly press.
thats one with a spiral threaded ram in the top with a horizontal arm
on the top of that with weights on the arm ends. Size of these? well
usually from 1 ton work ability up to 10 tons.

these weigh between 75lbs to 1000lbs for a 10 tonner.

Over that power output, your into power driven crank presses and
these go up to 100 tons. Above that your into hydraulic presses such
as are used in car panel production.

And you need to bolt any hand press securely to a heavy bench,
otherwise the press will go roung instead of the arm!! when you do
serious work with them.