[Illinois] [4Sale] Casting equipment

I would like to sell my casting equipment and before I tried other
sources is there anyone out there who might be interested? I can
email pictures and prices to any interested party. I’m looking for
pick up only and I’m in northern Illinois. Thank you.

It would depend on what you have and what you’re asking. I’m
operating on a shoestring budget at the moment.

Hello, I am interested in casting equipment, please send pictures
and prices to beke_d@hotmail.com


What type of casting equipment do you have for sale? Can you send
picturesand prices on pieces thanks Vince (@Vinnie_Brown)

Hello, Do you have a list and pics of what you are selling?
Thanks Dan

I would be interested as well. Please let me know what you have,
[apoh1698 AT gmail.com]

All the best,
Alex Poh

Can you email me a list and pics as well [Dcgalla at yahoo.com]