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I'll wear a rose in my lapel



The art fair season is again upon us, and I’ve been thinking that
there could be a way for us to “recognize” each other short of
memorizing everyone’s name. What I envision is some sort of insignia
or icon that could be in my booth… Can’t really do a pin, because
I’m wearing things I want to sell. You know, gotta be a walking
billboard. Anyway, I know there was an official Orchid pin designed,
but I’ve never seen one, so I assume most of the folks out there
haven’t either. Any ideas?


** Hanuman’s Response **

The official orchid pin is online at:
Thank you Brian P. Marshall for the great silver Orchid pin!


Regarding the design, are these already made and for sale or do we
fabricate them ourselves using the design? It will be a perfect
piece to bring up conversation and questions about Orchid.

Marta Irvin