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Idyllwild Arts

I just got back from teaching Professional Stone Setting at
Idyllwild Arts in Idyllwild Ca.

OMFG! It was so beautiful up there. An entire campus dedicated to
the arts set in the beautiful tree covered mountains above Palm

I was so impressed with the selection of tools and machinery in the
tool room. I had a full time assistant, Carol Kornievsky, who set my
classroom up, ran errands, kept me from getting lost on campus, and
always had a nice bottle of wine handy back at the dorm. The entire
staff were so supportive and helpful. The other teachers were all so
much fun to hang with and swap tech tips and ideas with.

Not too often that I get a week of full time art, good food,
wilderness and big fun.

I am so proud of my 12 students. All of them were Studio/arts

They all buckled down and really worked hard to meet my high gem
setting expectations. By day two they could easily look at a jewelry
magazine and tell me what was wrong with the setting techniques of
the jewelry in the photos.

By day two they were also setting v-caps on pear shaped stones. They
learned how to prep gravers properly, alter pliers for stone setting
and make pushers.

If you have the chance I can’t recommend enough going up there for
Metals Week.

Deb Jemmott was instrumental in inviting me to teach. I can’t thank
her enough. She’s a great teacher and big fun to hang and teach with.

So next year sign up and go. You wont regret it.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Jo, I sooooooo wanted to take that class of yours. We had a family
reunion scheduled during the same time frame and my daughter flew in
for it, so no way I could manage it. I would be very interested in
any other classes you plan to teach!

Denise-I sure hope you had a blast at your family reunion.

I’ll probably be teaching the same class here in Portland or in
Newberg Or. (a suburb of PDX) in the next several months. When I have
the details ironed out I’ll post here and on Facebook.

Idyllwild wants to have me back but I don’t know yet when that will

They usually do no repeat a class two years in a row.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Please post! I will be there if the timing is right. I have family
in Portland so that would work beautifully! I will send a friend
request on FB.