Identifying precious metal

I see in the last few digest that many are still using the black
stone,gold needle points and aqua regia to test for karat
quality. It is hazardous, time consuming and not really portable
(that you can take it on a plane). There have been a few gold
testers that work on battery with an acid jelly and are fairly
expensive. I would like to recommend to all the Golden Touch
gold tester that is made in the USA. It is portable (fits in
your coat pocket),safe,reliable and cheap (half the price of the
jelly type). It is capable of reading gold from 24 karats down
to 6 karats. It will easily identify gold plated items without
the need to file or scrape the item. It will identify silver,
white gold and platinum…they should expend the name beyond a
gold tester. It is easy to use:click it on to start, clip your
item to the alligator clip, drag the item across the magical
paper and see the color quality of the marking. No clean up. No
damage to the item. The “magic” paper can be used over and over,
tho’ the unit comes with a package of 50 sheets. It comes with a
more detailed instruction. It sells in Japan for $20, due to the
expensive freight charges, duty and the commodity tax. For those
in the U.S.,figure you should be able to get it for near half
the price here. Been using it for the past year and have not
used more than ten sheets…and all ten are still usable.
Min Azama in fair weather Tokyo.

Hi Min Azama; Where can I purchase the "golden touch"precious
metal tester that you spoke about?

Orchidians I have just seen my input about the Golden Touch’s gold
tester. My = apologies to all for a miss type on the price. It should
have read $220 = here in Tokyo. Those of you who are in the US should
be able to get it = for half that price. Min Azama.

If anyone is still interested in the Golden Touch gold tester, it is
in the new 2001 Kassoy catalog. Wow, 2001, that does sound eerie to
say already. Anyway, I just received my new catalog on Wednesday of
this week. The tester is priced at $79.95, item number GT922E, and a
package of replacement test papers is $5.00, item number GT92RP. I
checked their web site and it s also listed theRe:

Kassoy 1-800-452-7769

Charles Heick

Min, I would like to know more about the Golden Touch gold tester. Do
you know the manufacturer, and an address or I have not heard
of this tester before. Thank you for any you can give me.

Hello harold,

Check this out for Golden touch gold tester.

I don’t know if this tester works, I have only experiance in using
acids for testing.

Martin Niemeijer