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Identifying Hallmarks

I am looking for direction in resources for identifying
hallmarks. I have a cameo pendant/pin which bears a mark on the
back of the bezel which I cannot identify. Perhaps someone out
there is knowledge about hallmarks and/or cameos specifically.

The mark is a circle with a small line extending from one side
with an inverted curved “v” on the end of the line. The other
side of the circle shows an inverted curved “v” touching the
edge of the circle. The frame/bezel is not otherwise marked,
however the lock for the pin is clearly stamped 10K.

Thank you for any help or direction forthcoming.


hello my name is Eddie I’m looking for a way to look up some
hallmarks that I have found on some jewlery and was wanting to know
who mad it and when I might have been made and would like to know if
any one knows of a place that make hallmark stamps for people I’m know
the the jewelry field and planing to be in it for a long time and
need to get my own hallmark stamp so that years down the road people
will know that I made it any help would be greatly apperciated

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The Online Encyclopedia of American Silver Marks

Hi Eddie,

For international hallmarks you may find the Tardy’s handy.

Tardy, International Hallmarks on Silver, Tardy, Paris, 1993
Tardy, Poincons d=92Or et de Platine (French text), Tardy, Paris, 1988

International Hallmarks on Silver Collected by Tardy
By Tardy

Interpreting hallmarks is a tricky business and needs a lot of
training. You’ll find your library never complete once you start that



The answer to your question is research. First you must determine
which country the item is from.

If the item is from the U.S. you may want to check the book American
Jewelry Manufacturers by Dorothy Rainwater and published by
Schiffer. Jewelers Circular Keystone also publishes updated editions
of the Brand Name & Trademark Guide.

If the item is from another country you must first determine which
country. The most is available on England, Scotland and
Ireland. Try Jackson’s Silver & Gold Marks edited by Ian Pickford.
Another good resource is The book of old Silver by Seymour B. Wyler.
There are also some websites that have Hallmark Just do
a search of the term Hallmarks to see what comes up.

I have spent many years working with and researching Antique Jewelry
and I will tell you that sometimes it is a challenge determining who
made a piece. Determining which country a piece is from is often a
challenge as well but there are clues that can be learned over time.

Good Luck
Greg DeMark
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