Identifying an old tumbler

Hi Folks

I’m a new member to orchid, and I have a problem.

Many years ago, I purchased a tumbler; the name wore off a long time
ago also. It consists of an electric motor with a shaft coming out
of the front of it and a cone that slides onto the shaft. When the
motor is turned on the cone rotates. The cone is open at the top.
Does anyone know where to get one like that today? Does anyone know
the brand name of such an animal?

Thanks so much for any help.
Lynne Shpak


Is the “cone” actually kind of a diamond shape set at a 45-degree
angle? If so, it’s probably an Aubin. Try Metalliferous in NYC
( as one of the only places I’ve seen them. I have
one and truly love it!

Good luck!

Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
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Thank you! It is time for me to buy a new tumbler, and I love my old
one and could not find another one like it. Again thanks so very