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Identifying a rolling mill

I need to identify the rolling mill which is shown below as I am
trying to find a replacement diagram parts list. Someone graciously
gave me the mlll and I want to take it apart for maintenance.

Can someone guide me to where I can find the manufacturer or get a
user guide / parts list?

Thank you.

Hi Richard,

It’s a generic Indian rolling mill. Several different companies make
the same basic mill. I had one at one point made by “Moon”. (From
?Mumbai?) Don’t expect any parts or manuals for it. That one looks
nicer than most of them, for what that’s worth.

Unless something’s broken, it’ll handle like any normal rolling
mill. What kind of a user guide were you looking for? I might be
tempted to take light bites with it. You’ll need to re-level the
rolls if you ever swap in any of the other rollers. I’ve got
step-by-step instructions for re-leveling the rolls on a much larger
(Durston) rolling mill on my website. It’s a bigger, fancier mill,
but the procedure is the same.


Looks like the manufacturer could be Arbie. Mine looks just like
your picture and I believed it is from Arbie.

Good luck! Steve Cowan Arista Designs LLC

Looks like a harbour freight special! same colour enamel, same paper
boxed 3 additional rollers covered in grease, and same everything
else. I’d put my money on a Harbour Freight Rolling Mill-if you go
to their site you can compare their photo and see the operating
manual and perhaps download it too!..rer