Identify the jeweler

My friend has a diamond and platinum ring she obtained from her great
aunt’s estate (she was a retail jeweler). It is a very fine setting with a
large pear-shaped yellow diamond and three good sized round diamonds. When
she took it to a local jeweler for appraisal, they discovered a hallmark on
the bottom of the band on the outside. Under the microscope we could see it
is the profile of a dog’s head (German Shephard type), perhaps with its
tongue out. It’s the dog’s right side. The jeweler can’t find the source
and I was wondering if you could help us identify the jeweler. Thank you!
Donna Milivojevic

JCK Magazine publishes (Every decade or so) a Guide to
TradeMarks…call 800-999-1305 to obtain a copy. Maybe that can help.

It is probably an export mark. Tardy’s book on export marks is the best
reference and it shows many different export marks for different countries
and in what years. Without seeing it–it could be a couple of different