Ideas for making a catch

I did some chasing and repoussé to make this piece. It’s a cocoon (really a chrysalis. Technicalities) and I originally tried to have the top and bottom secure together with a friction catch. Some bezel wire around the top (28ga) which in a very short time stopped working. I don’t want the outside to have any signs of a locking mechanism. Any ideas for a more secure way to keep the two halves connected while being worn around a neck?
My guesses are that 28 gauge was too thin and malleable? The top is domed and also the sides aren’t necessarily a perfect match and so that results in there not being enough friction?

Magnets! I know, but that was my first and so far only thought…Rob

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If you are willing to make the top of the chrysalis circular you could use a bayonet mount. See the following for a good diagram:

Since you want the locking method to be invisible you could reverse the design shown by soldering a small ball inside the cap and have the cap cover the channel.

Neil A

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Thanks Neil. I’m pretty sure I considered this with the initial idea. I can’t make either part of the two halves circular. I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, but I think the magnet idea might be the most direct way to get to my desired result with less headache.

I hear you, I would resist magnets any other time but I think this calls for them. I found a website that sells 1.0 x 0.5mm neodymium magnets. The Magnet Baron in case anyone needs to know. Seems like I can work those in to the piece and not take away too much from the aesthetics.
Rob, thanks for you activity on here. Any time I post you usually have good input. I appreciate that.

This is is much better in terms of selection Super Magnet Man