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I won the Orchid raffle

I woke up this morning thinking about how happy I was to have a
whole week to do some studio projects- I went to the kitchen and
started the teakettle, picked up my Iphone to see if I had any
messages, and…Found out that I won the 2012 Orchid Raffle!! Happy
Dancing ensued. (I knocked over the dog bowl) :slight_smile:

What a fabulous way to begin my week! Thank you so much for (finally)
:slight_smile: picking my name out of the raffle bowl!! I buy at least 1 raffle
ticket each year, with dreams of winning but mostly with the intent on
helping to support this great community resource. I think it was even
more urgent this year, as Hanuman was paddling around his garden and
home during the floods that hit Bangkok in November last year.

Honestly, I am thrilled. I’ve been working as a metalsmith for 25+
years and have been getting by on a well loved set of tools. I’ve
been wanting to get a new torch for years now, and my hammers, files
and pliers are pretty darn ratty…I believe they just earned a place
in the retired tools hall of fame.

Thank you once again to Hanuman and the whole Orchid community- I’m
overwhelmed with gratitude!

Maureen Brusa Zappellini founder,
Metalsmiths Unite! 2.0

Creative jewelry for creative people


I know no one worthier than you to wish this Orchid Raffle. My heart
is filled with Joy for you.


Teresa Masters

You may want to look at the Fretz hammers, they are beautifully
made. Rio has a couple of assortments worth investing in. Peddinghaus
hammers are also very nicely made, just not quite the eye candy like


Maureen, I am so happy for you. Enjoy all the wonderful tools you
can get.


We will all enjoy vicariously with you. :slight_smile:


Congratulations to all the prize winners.

To the extent that the raffle has helped Orchid to keep going, all
13,000 members are winners, too.

Thanks to Rio Grande for its generous support!

Neil A.

Congrats Maureen! Thanks also to Rio Grande for providing the
prizes. Charles Lewton-Brain’s e-books are a wonderful incentive to
buy that ticket. IOW, everyone wins when purchasing the book and
getting a chance for cool tools or supplies from Rio!

Judy in Kansas, where the skies are cloudy today and I hope for a
good rain shower.

congratulations!! we were right near each other at the snag trunk
show last year. hope you’ll be there again this year so i can give
you a big hug.