I won the Orchid Raffle 2010!

Hi to all

Just a short note to say a huge thank you to Orchid and especially
Hanuman and Charles and everyone who works so hard to keep Orchid

I received a call last night from Hanuman telling me that I was one
of the winners of the raffle…WhooooHoooo.

1st Time in 48 years I have ever won anything like this…I guess
the Gods were smiling on me…

Well I’m off to check out the Rio Grande Catalogue…

Huge thanks again

Congratulations Robyn and Lawrence. Wish it was me!

Judy in Kansas, who is still in Tucson and enjoying every minute of
this lovely weather and not missing the snow at home one bit!

Congrats! Have fun spending it, and let us know what you got so we
can live vicariously :wink:


You lucky, lucky person! Enjoy! I would have chosen a rolling mill
for sure.


Congratulations Lawrence, and enjoy buying all that great stuff from
Rio Grande !!

Hi Friends!

What an incredible surprise it was to get a call from Hanuman with
the news that I was a winner!

I feel SO blessed! (Congratulations, Lawrence - It is a wonderful

I was in Tucson at the time of the call - with Dee and Mel,
representing The California Institute of Jewelry Training - (Dee has
been SO supportive of my endeavers as a jeweler and a teacher and
responsible for me finding Orchid and Ganoksin!)

I have been working in a bare bones shop in my home studio for the
last few years! Looking at the Rio catalog, and dreaming of what I
could buy has been a weekly activity lately!

Thank you so much to all of you out there in Orchid-Land - I am so
grateful for the collective wisdom of this site and for all the
people responsible for putting it together!