I won the 'Artie Abbotsford' award

I’m sorry but I live alone and have no family so I have to brag about
something to someone. Last year I was nominated for Woman of the Year
(I didn’t win but I was 1st runner up) but that has nothing to do
with jewellery. This year I have been nominated for an Artie (big
thing here in Abbotsford) It is an award given to one person who best
describes and relates to Abbotsford in a visual artistic way. You can
imagine all the nominations that would fit into this catagory -
paintings, pottery, just about anything you can see or touch. But for
the first year jewellery was allowed (actually it is the first year
that someone, myself, has been making jewellery depicting scenes and
things that are right here in Abbotsford. Well I am estatic to tell
you that I did win this award. There were 230 entries and they chose
me. Then not only that my jewellery has been picked up by the largest
chain of department stores in Canada. I don’t know what has been
happening these last two months but the sun has certainly shone on
me. Thanks for letting me brag.


At the risk of sounding like a therapist (which I am when not a
jeweler), I believe acknowledging our accomplishments is critical,
vital, and really needed! We often work alone and it may take years
to get the recognition for the work we do. I am delighted to hear of
Helen H’s commissions, your award, and other progress made by this
community. I encourage all of us to stop thinking of these
announcements as bragging or some kind of self-aggrandizing (unless
it is, of course), but rather as an acknowledgement of hard work,
dedication, inspiration, and a real willingness to take the risk of
being judged/critiqued by others.

Congratulations, Leslie, and thank you for sharing your
accomplishments with me and this forum.