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I won an Orchid raffle prize!

I’ve been supporting Orchid by purchasing raffle tickets every
winter, never really expecting to win. Just an easy way to help out
the wonderful Forum that I’ve used as a resource for many years.
Imagine my surprise when I was woken up by a phone call from Hanumen
informing me I was the 4th prize winner - a piece from Chris Ploof’s
amazing collection! A huge thank you to Chris, all the other
generous donors who contributed items for the fund raiser, and of
course all the Orchidians who supported the Forum by buying tickets.
And most of all, thanks to Hanuman and his staff for their dedication
and commitment to the Ganoksin Project.

With much appreciation, MaryLou Dagostino

I’d like to thank Orchid and Rio Grande for wonderful $1000 gift
certificate that I won as part of the Annual Raffle. Wasn’t I
surprised when I read the Orchid posting of winners to find my name.
It couldn’t have come at a better time, just before the 1st
anniversary of my beloved husband’s death. That was a real
pick-me-up. Rio is where I buy most of my supplies, so the prize was
especially appreciated. Everyone who helped me figure out how to get
my credit, and then spend it, was exceptional. My goodies have
already arrived and are presently in use. They include several flex
shafts, stands, v-blocks, a hammer handpiece, GRS accessories, stone
setting bits, burnishers, and lots of other little items which would
otherwise have had to wait for some time till I could purchase them.
It was like Christmas in April. Again, thank you so very much.

Paula Wright
The Wright Things