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I was dumb

i admit it, i did a really dumb thing. purchased a beautiful silver
ring, pressure mount, has inlay opal that is around each edge u
shape as you look at the ring from the sides, and also across the
top, wide sides that held the ugliest citeron you ever saw in your
life. the opal is in blue/greens.

so i guess you figured out i got the citeron out. not easily, that
thing was in there for good, till i sorta crushed it. i have the
stone i want in there. should fit beautifully.

i have no idea how to do it. it has the grooves in sides of the
inside of the mounting.

i have the feeling i will be doing a wire wrap setting to hold the
stone in…but i really want the ring to be back to being tention.

i now stand, um, can’t stand, ok, now sit ready to take my lectures
on how dumb it is to buy a piece of jewelry with the intent to
change the stone…especially when you have no clue how to do the
new mounting.


new site for pictures…jewelrey and at a link, granddaughter 18mo
old but don’t feel pressured to look at paige…