I was accepted into the JCK Vegas

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I was very excited to find out that I was accepted into the JCK Vegas
Show in the Design Center. It will be my first wholesale show and
times up with the Saul Bell Awards during the show where a piece of
mine is a finalist in the silver category. Is there anyone here who
has done the show and would be willing to talk to me about it and
preparing for it? I am very business oriented as well as a
designer/manufacturer so I think I can pull this off successfully if
I prepare well and would love if someone here would mentor me for
the show. My work is mostly silver but high end in the category of
Yurman and Hardy. I am on Martha’s Vineyard so a vacation on the
island in the future may be a further incentive for you, besides
helping me startup by passing on your experience and knowledge…

Beth McElhiney

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me since I am doing the JCK
Vegas show in 4 weeks as a first timer? I have gotten to talk to a
couple of fabulous people who have given me their feedback but can’t
hurt to be overprepared! Thanks to Pamela,Pam, and Barbara for their
time and advice!

Any mistakes you made in the beginning you care to share? Any advice
on dealing with buyers, terms, shipping overseas, production

Beth McElhiney

Display that is outstanding… ,organized paper systems and staffing,
and pre- drawn up policies as additional handouts- get the bottom
line out in front.to new accounts offer new accounts as net 60 -90
with some special items or services, or… .and promo items as
giveaways…One year i had silvered almonds and/or ( they got to
choose one) silvered fennel and chandan in very easy to fabricate
boxes with my logo ( at the time) embossed on the tins…got more
sales, accounts and custom jobbing that year than any other in the
history of my show-doing…R.E.Rourke…by the way- write me if you
need help finding things…