I saw a saw

Today I saw a Knew concept saw. They were being used by a guy doing
pierce work.

I thought no big deal then he handed me the saw.

WOW!!! So light weight and the tensioning cam was brilliant. He was
using 8/0 saw blades without a problem.


Twice the price of the last saw I bought but 1000 times better. So
Knew concept get your sh*t together and get them to Australia.

We want them and you will sell thousands. It will become the
standard saw. I don’t care if mine does not come in the very cool
pizza box.

The saw I have is a beautiful Swiss made but it is crap compared to
the Knew concept saw. You guys are great tool makers but sh*t

If I win the lottery I will come to the US and buy a 1000 and bitch
slap you LOL. For not selling them in Australia.

Seriously guys these are so cool so get them over here. And the rest
of the world.


After decades of sawing I wish I had one of these years ago.

The guy using the saw was a newbie at piercing and was doing an
excellent job. If he had my saw his work would have been of a much
lower standard. I think he bought his from Otto Frei and paid $30
delivery fee. I want to buy mine from the newly merged HOJ/AJS
jewellery suppliers.

I am not associated with this company in any way. I just want one to
these saws.

The guy who worked this saw out is a "#@%& genius " as we say in OZ.
But get your distribution together!

On a serious note this is one very good saw, better than any I have


Hi Richard,

Lee will probably hop in here when he sees the digest tonight, but
we do have dealers in Oz.

Koodak Jeweller’s supply in Melbourne, Lie-Nielson (Aus) carries them
as ‘fret saws’ (They’re a woodworker’s supply. Fret saws are just
jeweller’s saws loaded with coarser blades.) There are a couple of
other dealers that I remember shipping to, but I can’t think of off
the top of my head.

(I’m at home, and the info is at the shop.) (What I really
remember is the export paperwork. Yech!!)

If you know anybody at HOJ, tell them to drop us a line. Our terms
are shockingly reasonable. Believe me, we want to get you saws just
as much as you want to have them.

Brian Meek
Knew Concepts.

Hi Richard,

I’m just a newbie but I did lash out on one of these saws & I love

I really wanted to buy mine from AJS but unfortunately they only had
the original version in stock at the time, not the newer version
with the cam lever(which is totally worth the extra money in my
opinion) - so I ended up ordering mine from the US.

I really try to support the local guys when I can, so let’s hope the
HOJ/AJSmerger gets some of these awesome products in.

And BTW, I love reading your stories of the kids you work with. So
wonderfulthat they have someone in their lives who hasn’t given up
on them. Well done!

Hi Richard Can you get an American friend of yours to buy the Knew
Concept saw, and send it to you as a “gift”, and you can pay back
you friend?That way you can get one. Just wondering. I’ve shipped
goods to Europe as “gifts” on the request of the buyer. I do have
one. Haven’t used it much, for I loathe piercing and sawing, but I
can’t avoid it. It is a great sawframe. Joy

Hi Richard,

You can buy them in Australia.

Although I bought mine direct from Marshal, you can indeed buy the
saw frames from AJS, they stock them.

Give the Sydney store a ring tomorrow, I think Trevor will be
working there, whilst I back up stock from the old HOJ store.

Regards Charles A.

Good day to you Mr. Hopkins,

You are right about the Knew Concept Saw, it is a fantastic piece of
equipment. Since you already know that the newbie you speak of may
have purchased his directly from Otto Frei Co., if that’s the case, I
think you should contact Otto Frei Co. and order directly from them,
if this is what you want. Sincerely, Richard Lucas. Lucas Dental Co.

You are right, Richard,

The guy who designed the Knew Concept saw is a GENIUS. Lee Marshall
with a huge assist from Brian Meek (also a GENIUS). Lee is also the
original designer/inventor/developer of the Bonny Doon Hydraulic
Press, which is now owned and manufactured by Phil Poirier (also a

Lee and Brian together constitute an unbeatable team, bent on
designing and developing tools that jewelers (and now woodworkers
and stringed instrument makers) really need, but didn’t know they
really needed.

They just moved to larger quarters, so, perhaps this will mean that
they will ramp up production and begin to distribute to Oz, but what
do I know!

Linda Kaye-Moses

First, thanks for the glowing review. Second, I admire you for your
loyalty to HOJ (House of Jewelry) in Sydney.

I just read in the current issue of Jewellery World
Home - Jewellery World that HOJ and AJS (Australian
Jewelers supply) have merged after several months of talks.

I have been a supplier to AJS for several years, along with

http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep817c in
Melbournehttp://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep817d (Kent Town, SA)

Eckert is a woodworking supplier, but the saw frames are the same
for either material. Simply by changing the blade, you can go

from one to another. And no, the coping saw is different and not for
jewelery :-).

AJS maintains a stock of the knew concepts saws. If they do not
carry the frame style that you want, let them know. It took quite a
bit of courage for them to begin carrying the crazy looking saws
that we offer, so they began with just the ones thatdirectly
translated into something that they felt comfortable with (screw
tension for example). They need to know that there is a demand for
the piercing model (lever tension) and possibly swivel blade clamps.

Lee (the saw guy)