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I Sales and SYAO

Info about the two marketing lists that I alluded to in a recent post.


I-Sales Discussion List - the Internet-Sales Moderated Discussion List.
You will receive a daily digest (M-F) of about 22k in length.

(====Here’s a compressed account of the latest digest - Brian====)

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By Chris Maher

There is no charge, I will send you each weekly
issue of SYAO by e-mail.

I am constantly searching for examples of artists and
crafts people who have begun to successfully sell their
work through this new medium, and will report to you
tips and ideas that will help you sell your creations
through the Internet.

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the URL and a description, and I will add it.

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If you would like to share any ideas e-mail or call me.
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Hope helps.
Tell me if you want me to post the full text of each list’s latest post.
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