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I need your opinion regarding a new silver polish

Good day, Friends!

I’m in the process of developing a silver polish that currently has
the following features:

  • Developed by a professional silver conservator
  • Safe enough for museum silver collections
  • No harsh abrasives
  • No ammonia
  • Fragrance-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Leaves no residue

This product contains no tarnish inhibitor and will be perfect for
those silver enthusiasts:

  • Looking for earth-friendly “green” products
  • Sensitive to fragrances
  • Concerned about eating from silver with tarnish preventer

I think this will be a valuable addition to your conservation kit
and important to get into our customers’ hands.

I’ve partnered with a prominent manufacturer to create this polish,
and they’ve asked me to create a forecast.

Frankly, I need your help to gauge the market for this polish.

Would you be interested in purchasing this 8-ounce product for
yourself and/or offer it to your customers for a retail price of
$8.95? How much do you think that you would sell or use in a month? A

I’ll use your answers to help create the plan bringing this
inhibitor-free product to market.

Can you please reply by the end of this week (7/22)?

Many thanks!

Jeff Herman


Does this product contain a tarnish preventer ?

Hi Jeff,

Sounds great!! Since my gallery is only 200 square feet. The amount
of silver jewelry is probably about 10%. I’d be lucky to use one jar
in a given year! So sorry not to be your customer.

As a great example, check my website (Facere Jewelry Art
Gallery)…to see our latest show. I don’t think there’s any silver
(well, maybe a wee bit!). The show is called FUNNY BUSINESS and is
mostly alternative materials.

Wish you the very best in your adventure!

Karen Lorene

I would be willing to try the polish… we use at least 6 bottles a
year in the store polishing pieces for folks and I am sure I would be
able to sell some.


Looking to sell Vacuum, centrifuge with special vacuum attachment,
wax injector, Kiln or if someone just gives me $300 bucks by THIS
FRIDAY you can take it ALL. Yes I have a centrifuge that has a vacuum
attachment on it to pulls a vacuum while it’s spinning.

815 885 2000

R & J Dennis

I would be willing to try the polish… we use at least 6 bottles a
year in the store polishing pieces for folks and I am sure I would be
able to sell some.


Hello Jeffrey,

It would be nice to know at least if the product is in cream-form to
be followed by a buff with soft cloth (like other polishes on the
market), a dip-type, or something else.

In general, I would not be purchasing a polish. When I polish my own
workor for clients, I use a dry vibratory tumbler - gets a wonderful
high shinewith the least amount of work on my part, and does not
harm soft stones (pearls, opals, turquoise, etc.).

Probably not what you want to hear, but you asked and are wise to do
so. Good to do a little pre-market survey. Also note that I don’t
have a brick and mortar store, so don’t get involved with resale

Judy in Kansas, where 100+ degree days are predicted for the next
week. No rain either. Gonna stay inside and play with fire.