I need to find a good caster

Anyone know a good caster? I need someone who can cast hand carved waxes and resin models well.

It really depends on where you are located. Preferably you would want someplace that is local, if not close by. I use a caster in Dallas (I’m in Houston) and shipping is usually 1 day which cuts the time significantly on orders.

I’m in Atlanta, Ga. I need someone, or a company, that can do volume casting. I don’t mind shipping, but local would be better.

To refer to the right person/company, you need to give more info. What metal or metals? Sterling, tarnish resistant sterling, gold (what carat?), other metals? What volume per week or month? What turn around time is necessary? What finishing requirements? You might even want to use someone different for resin vs hand carved wax models, ‘cause hand carved wax (one-off pieces?) might need a finer finish than 3D printed resin models. You say that local is better, but if you are doing volume or even if the local caster is not close to you in Atlanta, you might do better to ship. You could visit someone within 300 miles to set up a relationship and visit once in a while, but do your business by video calls and photos the rest of the time. Photos are so good these days that you can get someone to show you the texture on the insides of carvings if they are good with even a phone camera and willing to deal with distance clients. Think outside the box, man! That traffic in Altanta is a killer, and if you’re in Dunwoody and your caster is near the airport, you could blow most of your day just getting there and back. Just sayin’ -royjohn

You’re so right!
I need castings in platinum, gold (all types) and sterling silver. I really need 2 casters, one local who can cast hand carved waxes and a big company that can handle a large quantity of resin models. The big company can be anywhere. I don’t mind shipping. It’s what I’m used to.
I’m looking for someone who can do my work, but also someone new who can do the casting for the company I work for. (Large quantities)

Look up The Studio26 Cameron Park CA ask for Dan.

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Hello Poodlepup3,
I can recommend Racecar Jewelry Casting. They are in R.I. but the mail works well. Here is the e-address: www.racecarjewelry.com

Dan Grandi is my contact there.
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Thanks, Judy and Deborah, I’ll look these up.

Judy, I’m glad nothing happened tornado wize. I was concerned for friends in Tennessee as well.