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I need a lot of silver polishing advice

So you are saying reticulation silver works much better? If so I am sad as
I have no way to get
anything but regular sterling here in Mexico where I live.

Can you alloy and pour ingots?
80% fine silver, 20% copper.

Biggest issue with preventing firescale is
heat control. Soft bushy flame.
Small blue cone is too hot, adjust blue cone
making it long until there is a touch of orange
at the tip.
Over heating while annealing and
overheating while soldering, breaking down
the protective coating creates firescale. The
longer it takes to heat the metal until the
solder flows without protecting the metal
from oxygen.
I have used white paste silver brazing flux
for soldering gold and silver for 40 years,
protects metal from firescale.
Boric acid breaks down at a lower temp
than white paste flux, provides less effective
protection for metal. Boric acid/alcohol is more
effective for gold alloys, as gold does not
transmit heat like silver does.

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Hi Richard,

White paste brazing flux?
Sounds interesting, especially as its been around for 40? yrs,
can you please

  1. state the maker?
  2. Data sheet availability?
  3. supplier and cost?
  4. Designed/formulated specifically for?



A year ago I switched to Harris’ “Stay-Silv” black hi-temp brazing flux…thinning it with a little water if needed, I get no movement as it heats, and less fire scale, not at all what I used to get with the white paste flux of my first 35 years at this- I’ve also used it lightly with solder paste as well, with good results.

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Dear Emily, thank you for asking these questions. I am a beginner and sanding and polishing is, for real, SO confusing. Your work is beautiful. Make sure to keep a portfolio - that I do know - something to admire when you go back and see your hard work. Keep writing questions - I learn so much. Best.

Thank you for your notes on sanding and polishing. Very helpful to a beginner like myself. Have a great day.

Dear Orchid,
This set of dialogues on sanding and polishing are incredibly useful. Thank you.

Thanks for all the advice, everyone. It looks like the root of my problem is that I leave my pieces in the pickle too long, and as a side issue, I don’t take enough steps to prevent firestain. I’m practicing using flux for the latter and keeping an eye on my pickle pot for the former, and I’ll definitely be spending more time on sanding and buying some polishing pins. You have all been very helpful!

And thanks, SapphireBlue, this is an excellent community and I’m glad I joined.

You are among the best group of professionals that I’ve seen in years. If you have question, you will get inundated by such a response you’d be surprised. The nice part of this Ganoksin is that there are literally no rough language being used!
We all started from the basic levels and we all help one another to climb to where we are!..:wink:
I’m Gerry, On my iPhone!

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Good morning Ted,

I would like to try the flux you use. I live in England and would like to know where you buy it from? I can find it on Amazon, but was wondering if you have a better source for it. By the way I love your work.

Kind regards


Morning Orla,
Mail me off list at
vladimirdotfrateratgmaildotcom with your UK phone no and snailmail address, ill call you to help out by sending you a small sample before you buy the std Johnson Matthey pack.
Then youll know for sure how it works for you.
Im down in Dorset nr Swanage.

Be sure to use a barrier flux - powdered boric acid and denatured alcohol. Dip your piece, let it air dry or you can light it and burn off the alcohol.