I made a pneumatic graver

Here it is!

Based on the clever springless Lindsay design with some slight changes so it accepts GRS collets.

I studied the public patent information and then made my own version.

I need to make a few tweaks to tune the mechanism but the first tests show it cuts well.

You can see it working here.


Well done!

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Oh wow! Was it costly?

The only thing I bought was the silicone tube, all other materials were lying around in my workshop. I did spend quite a bit of time on it but we don’t count that :sweat_smile:.

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Good job! I started down this road, but eventually decided that I should spend my time making jewelry and bought one of Steve Lindsay’s air gravers. They are works of art. I have also since sold my lathe.Thanks for sharing…Rob

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Haha, very wise of you. It is somewhat rewarding to make tools yourself, but I definitely use the activity as a means of procrastination. Which Lindsay model did you go for?

I started with his hand graver and sharpening system. Once I figured out the basics of engraving, I bought an air graver classic, more templates and a quiet air compressor…Rob

Nice. What volume size cylinder would you recommend on the compressor? I’m looking at a silent 8 litre but worried it might be constantly refilling itself

Yes! very cool!!

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