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I love my dental torch!


I wanted to show you what I could do with a Miniflam Microtorch 2.

These are fine silver links which I had forged from Idaho Sunshine
Mine ingots and had drawn into wire.

They are 0.8mm wire wound about a 2.5mm diameter rod.

I use PMC as a gap filler before fusing, but it’s content is like
solder, not significant by weight.

Making a chain with links this small is simply impossible using a
butane pencil. I bought this torch a couple years ago but I was not
about to use it with just the starter fuel. I never start a new
project unless I have spares of all consumables. But with the help of
a lady who posted a VERY nice demonstration of how to light the torch
and get the gas combination you want, I’m no longer afraid of using
this torch.

So, that’s my ad for the Miniflam. For making small stuff, it’s