I finally have a web site!

It’s taken me years, crazy really, but I finally have a web store. It’s
only a few “products” so far, but I’ll keep working on it.


It’s http://noelyovovich.bigcartel.com/. If the link doesn’t come through
on Orchid, it’s my name NoelYovovich dot bigcartel dot com.



Congratulation Noel, A great website and great jewelry. I wish you every success ! tom

LOVE your signature…:-)…!!

Janet in Jerusalem

Hi, good job on the site. From a design perspective red and black can have a good contrast however with your design the viewer is strained to see the words “Start Shopping” which are lost because of the other stronger contrast between the black and white of the signature. Just be careful of having too many strong contrasting colors in a design. Having red as your main colour for your font also has a tendency to strain the eye. Just my 5 cents worth. I would give you my 2 cents worth but up here in canada we don’t have pennies so I had to round up. Richard

Very nice work! Both the jewelry and site.
Hope you sell like crazy!

I like your work! I also think BigCartel is a great place for site/store.